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Canopy Homes

2733 E. Battlefield #142
Springfield, MO 65804 | map | directions

The Five Branches of Canopy


Canopy protects and preserves the land and water resources and is a resilient alternative to typical development. Some 60% of Canopy’s land will be forever retained in its natural state—we’ll accomplish this by actively restoring and preserving the river corridor, native plant species and wildlife habitat. 


Connections to nature through trails and scenic spots are vital to our well-being. Those who enjoy an active lifestyle will experience an abundance of recreational amenities and play spaces in and around our community. We invite all outdoor enthusiasts to come find their new home in Canopy. 


Humans are part of the fabric of nature. We must live in concert with our environment and develop our lands in a mindful way. Canopy homes are meticulously designed to minimize the impact on the land. Our carefully conceived, compact footprints make great use of all available space, favor natural light and energy efficiency and seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor spaces. 


The land offers so much more than a place to live and play; it sustains us. Canopy reserves sections of the land for community gardens and edible landscapes. We plant native flower gardens as a part of our effort to restore and improve the ecosystem. We cultivate the land to optimize the existing natural resources and improve its ecological function.  


Canopy is sustained by like-minded individuals and organizations committed to leaving the land better than they found it. Connect with others who share your values and learn about the many opportunities to volunteer time, talents and resources to ensure the trails, gardens and land are enjoyed by all.  


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